Tempers Flare on Deadliest Catch, Season 6, Episode 5 on Discovery Channel

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Deadliest Catch, Season 6, Episode 5 premiered on Discovery Channel Tuesday night. One boat went into relatively unknown parts near the Russian border. The Season 6, Episode 5 showing of Deadliest Catch featured a lot of tired and cranky fisherman who’re homesick. A father and son had it out on one of the boats.

The 118 foot Time Bandit Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is trying to get their season finished, if only they get some good numbers on their last pots. When the crew brings in its first crab pot, there’s lots of big ones, but the boat runs into a snafu when its gear gets tangled with another boat’s (apparently the Wizard’s) – half a ton of it. The last pots bring in a better than “25” average per pot, so that means the crew can go home for the season, but Captain Johnathan must navigate through the dangerous shortcut called False Pass in stormy seas on Season 6, Episode 5 of Deadliest Catch. Scottie talks about missing his son during some down time.

Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen has landed to unload the boat’s last 123,000 pounds of Red King crab, but can get some Blue King crab about 500 miles away in parts not fished much, which means the crew is staying on longer for a possible $200,000 grab. This brings ambivalent feelings within the crew on Deadliest Catch Season 6, Episode 5. Captain Sig’s boat is close to the Russian border basically alone, and there’s a real lack of radio chatter. The first pots see little of the wanted Blue King crab in crappy weather, well off the desired “40” average.

On the Kodiak, Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski ran into some stormy seas, and his crew has low morale because of the bad fishing (no pot with 10-plus crabs in a week). Deckhands Melvin and Zack almost get creamed by a 350 pound steel block on Season 6, Episode 5 of Deadliest Catch. His engineer/deck boss Adam is the biggest complainer and insult hurler on board, and has it out with “Wild Bill”, who now regrets coming back, wishing he was in Costa Rica.

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On the Cornelia Marie, Captain Harris and his boat finally are shown in the last 15 minutes of the program. The skipper quips about his two sons Jake and Josh during a bad fishing period, seeing that there’s hope for them as fishermen. But soon after, Jake is distracted at the rail and then stands around doing nothing, pissing off his father. His father confronts him about his lack of effort, and Jake mouths off, and is threatened with being fired by dad. The Wizard was not featured in this episode.

After five episodes of Season 6 of Deadliest Catch, the Northwestern leads with 301,000 pounds of Red King crab caught. The Wizard is second with 280,000, followed by the Time Bandit (260,000), and Cornelia Marie (200,000). The Kodiak is still at the bottom with just 180,000 pounds. The Northwestern and Time Bandit are through fishing for Red King crab, though the former is still out there for the “Blues.”