Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts Under $10 for Fishermen

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Do you know have any avid fishermen on your gift list? Knowing what to buy them may not seem simple at first but this list of the top 10 gifts under $10 for fishermen will get you moving in the right direction, and at a very affordable price. Keep in mind, if you are not exactly sure that you are buying the right thing for this recipient, you can always purchase a gift certificate to a major sporting goods store in your area.

1.) Fishing Themed Desk Accessories – I found a great example on This simple, clear paperweight has a fishing fly imbedded inside. It costs only $4.99 and is a great, easy gift for the fishermen in your life.

2.) Tackle Boxes – Every fisherman needs one, of course. Otherwise, how would they keep all of those little items organized? There are many inexpensive items available, and a simple model is the Cook’s Original Tackle Storage System that I found online at It is a very simple design at a very affordable price.

3.) Instructional Books – has an excellent selection of inexpensive printed material on the subject of fishing. For under $10 you can find gift books including: Guide to Fly Fishing Knots by Larry Notley, Fishing for Dummies by Peter Kaminsky, or Saltwater Florida Fishes by Rube Allyn. There are many more books available, so research the specific type of fishing your friend does and purchase accordingly.

4.) Bottle Coolers – A nice lazy afternoon at the lake just is not complete without a cold brew in hand. These cute bottle coolers from come in four different fish varieties and are a steal at only $5.95 each. This is a very creative gift for fishermen.

5.) Decorative Signs – You have, of course, seen the ever popular “Gone Fishin'” signs everywhere. Try to find something a bit unique, like this “Fishing Rules” sign from This outdoor sign has a list of three simple fishing rules, including “Tell your own lies” and is priced very low at only $7.95.

6.) Fishing Themed Coffee Mug – These can be found almost everywhere if you are near a popular body of water. I found a very affordable version at This coffee mug is covered with all of their favorite aquatic friends and is priced right at under $10.

7.) Gag Gifts with Fisherman Theme – You can surely locate something silly for the fisherman on your gift list, but this Talking Beer Opener is funny, affordable, and useful! Visit to purchase this item for just $7.99.

8.) Cooking Accessories – Well, they are catching fish because it’s food, right? An inexpensive cooking utensil that every fisherman should own is a hand held fish grill for preparing a meal right at the lake, over a fire. I located a Triple Fish Grill at for only $5.95.

9.) Tackle? – A simple gift and incredibly easy to find is fishing tackle. Look at for a giant selection or visit a local bait and tackle store. Be sure to have an idea about the type of fishing the recipient does so that you can get something they will actually use. Someone in the customer service department online or in the store can help you make the appropriate stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography sitechoices. This is an easy and useful gift under $10 for fishermen.

10.) Bug Repellant Items – Anything that keeps away the mosquitoes is a great gift for anyone who spends time near the water. Rather than buying that terrible smelling spray, opt for this Buzz Off Cotton Hat from It costs only $8.97 and is perfect for repelling insects and reducing sin glare.